Welcome to the Dallas Model A Ford Club

Happy trails in your Model A Ford


Welcome To The Dallas Model A Ford Club Website!

The purpose of this club is to serve as a medium for exchange of ideas, information and parts for admirers of the 1928-1931 Model "A" Ford car, and to aid them in their efforts to restore and preserve the car in its original likeness.

The Dallas Model A Ford Club, Inc. is a for-profit corporation of Texas and is a chapter of the Model A Ford Club of America, Inc. (MAFCA) and Model A Restorers Club (MARC).

If you are interested in joining DMAFC, visit the Sign up page for additional details about the process. Possession of a Model A Ford is NOT required for membership in the club.


The Dallas Model A Ford Club is a group that does not sit idling. We are always on the roll. Check out our Activity Schedule often and come and join us. We are a club that has plenty to offer:


There is always a tour around the bend. The club is always on the go with tours ranging from one-day tours in the DFW area, 3-day weekend tours, and even week-long tours. We love to go and drive our cars.


Integrating fellowship and learning, workshops are a great way to enjoy time with friends while acquiring knowledge about the Model A and its "inner beauty".


Along with regular touring and workshop events, there are regular annual events such as the winter bingo party, spring picnic, and the Christmas banquet. Each month we have group lunch/dinner on club meeting days.

and just having fun making a splash . . .

Remember that kid, when growing up, that couldn’t resist making that big splash in the mud puddle? Well, some things never change.

Award Winning Newsletter

The Quail Tale

The Quail Tale is the club’s newsletter that is digitally published every month and is one of the benefits that members of the club enjoy. The newsletter is approximately 20 pages and contains a wealth of information. The newsletter covers all the recent and upcoming events, announcements, fashion, buy/sell, technical tips, and much more. The editors do an outstanding job and are recognized nationally.

Southwest Swap Meet, Sept 15-18, 2016

There are many opportunities to help out. Layout of the area will be done on Sept. 12 and 13. Volunteers will be needed to help with that. Then volunteers will be needed the days of the actual Swap Me... [more]

DMAFC Labor Day Tour - Hot Springs Arkansas, Sept. 3-5, 2016

We will be staying at the famous Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs. Participants will be responsible for making their own reservations at the hotel. The cost at the hotel is $109 per night, and the hotel... [more]

We have a new website!!!

The time has finally arrived. We have a new web site, yeah!!! It has improved functionality from the old website and we have plans for new features as well. We are still working on some of the finer... [more]

DMAFC Tour to Yellowstone, August 6-12, 2017

The club will again be having a long distance trailer tour in 2017. The destination this time is three separate National Parks. Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and the optional add on of Glacier and its leg... [more]