DMAFC News and Annoucements

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Roadside Troubleshooting Workshop, Sat, May 13

Our next club workshop has been scheduled for Saturday May 13, 2017 @ 9:00 a.m. The topic this time will be "Roadside troubleshooting". Many of us have had the experience of driving happily along in our Model A, then all of a sudden hearing nothing but silence from the engine because it has unexpectedly quit. As you coast to a stop, you wonder to yourself what happened? What do I do now? Will I ever get home again? The objective of this workshop is to look at a systematic procedure to help you diagnose, locate, and fix the problem to get you back up and running.

So check your calendars and come on out for a fun and educational morning with your Model A friends. Coffee, donuts, and soft drinks will be provided by the club.

DMAFC 1st Annual Debutante Ball, Saturday, May 20th

Come celebrate new members and new cars. If you have an A that is new to you within the last 24 months, come bring it and showcase it at the first annual Debutante Ball hosted by Arlen and Trish Evans. New to you does not have to be a fresh restoration, just a car that is new to the club. If you are a new or old member, come out and enjoy an event that will be a great time for all. The cars (Debs) will need to arrive at 11:00 am, so we can get them covered up; party will start at noon. If you have a car cover, please bring it. We will cover up the cars upon arrival and then we will reveal while you talk about your car, We’ll want to know how you came to acquire it or any other fun fact you know about it. After all the Debs have been presented, we will finish it off with a toast to officially welcome all of the Debs into the club. If you are bringing a Deb, we will have trailer parking if needed. No Model A function would be complete without food, so of course there will be lunch. You will not go hungry because we have a great lunch lined up.

Check the Quail Tale for registration details.