Suggested Tour Rules and Etiquette

These are some suggestions from some DMAFC “older heads” and former tour leaders that may make Model A touring safer and more enjoyable. Compiled by Dan & Bettie Smith, R. N & Dottie Watts, Lloyd & Ruby Kerr, Neal & Nancy Sanders, Ron & Sylvia Garrett, and Don & Cindy Knight.

1. Follow the directions of the Tour Leader.

The Tour Leader will decide how the tour will travel (group or rally). The Leader will try to maintain 40 - 45 mph. The Leader will always line up just outside of town if traffic or traffic lights separate the group.

2. Fill your gas tank when the Tour Leader does.

In most cases, the Tour Leader will have traveled the route before and knows when it is best to refuel.

3. Keep the Tour Leader informed if:

(a) You plan to travel a different route,

(b) You plan to arrive at an earlier or later time,

(c) You have any special requests,

(d) You leave on a side trip, or

(e) You leave to return home early.

These suggestions will help the Tour Leader maintain some sanity.

4. Get a CB radio.

Most “on the road” information comes over the CB. It is also a lot of fun “Motor Mouthing” on the CB, but as we enter towns or congested areas where we may get separated, let the Tour Leader and Backdoor have the priority on the CB. CBs are fun and useful if used properly. We use Channel 5. We also use the hand held two-way radios (walkie-talkies) with sub channels if you don’t have a CB radio. We use channel 5.5 on these.

5. We stop for anyone in the group with car trouble.

There is no need to get irritated at anyone with car trouble – we’ve all been there and will probably need help again. However, if you have a known problem (battery, starter switch, etc.) fix it before you leave. Good preparation always pays off.

6. On roads where there is a decent shoulder, we pull over and yield to faster traffic.

With all of the talk about limiting antique car use on the roads, we certainly do not want to anger motorists in more modern vehicles by not pulling over. When there is not any shoulder, we leave gaps in our caravan so modern cars can “hop scotch” around us.

7. If you don’t have an “A” or you are working on your car, come on and go with the group anyway.

Just line up at the rear behind the Model As and join in the fun. When we are in parades (such as Winnsboro), park the modern car and jump in the back seat of a Model A. We would love to have you.

8. Carry that all important National Roster and the DMAFC roster.

Either one can be a life saver if you need parts or help on the road.

9. Get out and tour!!

We will never leave anyone on the road. The Dallas Model A Ford Club has an old tradition of helping each other and getting everyone home safe.

Suggested Parts List For Touring

Fire Extinguisher

Front Wheel Bearings, 2 sets

Water Pump

Spark Plugs





Generator and Cut Out

Amp Meter

Light Bulbs


Lug Wrench

Grease Gun

Motor Oil

600W Oil


Electrical Tape

Water, 1 gallon

Timing Gear

Timing Gear Tool

Silicone Gasket Sealer

Spring Shackle Set

Engine Gasket Set

Fan Blade

Fan Belt

Test Light


Jumper Wires

Rear Hub Puller

Inner Tube

National Roster